Bigg Boss 11: Priyank Sharma clarifies who his real girlfriend is

November 9, 2017

After giving interviews to media and posting several heartbroken messages on Instagram, Divya Aggarwal can finally breathe easy. Her boyfriend and Bigg Boss 11 contestant Priyank Sharma has said Divya is indeed his real girlfriend.

A few days ago, Bigg Boss had shared an extra clip from the house where Priyank was seen getting a massage from Hina Khan. He told her to go easy or his ‘jaan’ in the US might get angry. He was assumed to be talking of his ex-girlfriend of 10 years, Nikita Nagpal. Scared that his current girlfriend, Divya, will see the clip and all hell will break loose, he pleaded to Bigg Boss to not air the clip.

But Bigg Boss, being the mischief-monger he is, aired it. Divya saw it and was left distraught, wondering if Priyank was lying to her about her relationship. She even gave an interview to The Indian Express. “…He hasn’t spoken once about me on the show and his ex-girlfriend has become the centre of all his conversations. As these things are sinking in, I realise that the media had guessed this outcome and had thus been asking about our relationship time and again,” she said.

Divya suspected that the two might have met in Delhi when Priyank was kicked out of the house for getting violent with Akash Dadlani. “When he came out of the house, I was in China, and he was in Delhi, so we couldn’t meet. But we had our normal couple talks. I don’t know if the ex was present in Delhi and they reignited their relationship or what,” she said.

Hina Khan asking Priyank Sharma about her girlfriends on Bigg Boss 11.

Now, in a new unseen clip shared from the house on Voot, he made some clarification on how many girlfriends he really has. Benafsha Soonawala says he has four. But he clarifies he is in a relationship with only Divya and Nikita is his childhood friend.

Hopefully, now Divya will feel better about it and these poetic posts will stop.

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