Bisket jatra festival begins in Bhaktapur

April 10, 2017

Bhaktapur, April 10: The ancient and historical festival of Bisket Jatra or festival began on the eve of the New Year here today. The renowned cultural festivity that is believed to have begun during the Lichhavi era is observed for eight nights and nine days.
The festival began with the pulling of the chariot of Bhairav Nath from Taumadhi at 5:00 pm today. Prior to the formal beginning of the festival, the Bhairav is worshipped as per tantrik methods and is placed on the Chariot, and the official pooja done on behalf of the Guthi Sansthan.
The chariot is then pulled by locals living above Taumadhi and below Taumadhi, and taken through their respective locality to come to rest for the day upon reaching Gahiti.
Given the likelihood of clash between the two sides in pulling the chariot to their respective side, some 1,500 police personnel have been mobilized, according to the District Administration Office, Bhaktapur.
CCTV secure cameras have been installed at 24 different locations in order to stop any violent activities from taking place, according to CDO Drona Pokharel. Also is on stand-by round-the-clock, a special medical team to treat for any injuries.
The festival begins four days prior to the beginning of the New Year and runs for another five days of the new year. The Bisket is regarded as the symbol of the lord of good times, according to historian Pursottam Lochan Shrestha.
The festival ends on the 5th of Baisakh, the first month in the lunar calendar after. RSS

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