Commemorative book on Palpa launched

November 5, 2016

Kathmandu, Nov 5: A commemorative book ‘Tyo Samaya Tyo Paribesh: Mero Jeevan Yatra (The Then Time, The Then Context: My Life Journey)’ authored by Palpa’s noted Kabiraj, Dasharathman Singh was made public on Saturday.
Former Chairperson of Council of Ministers, Khil Raj Regmi, launched the book which presents anecdotal details of Palpa district and the long experience of the 97-year-old author in 10 different chapters.
The book has presented the history of Palpa-Tansen, arrival of Newars, their acquisition of ownership on land, Rana’s contributions to the development of Palpa, development of human settlement in Tansen, author’s long experience on Ayurveda medicine, and establishment of United Mission Hospital in Tansen.
On the occasion, former Chairperson Regmi described the glorious history of Palpa — a district in the western part of Nepal — while noting that Palpa has presented its unique identity among other districts of Nepal.
Also speaking on the occasion were former Vice-Chairperson of National Planning Commission Dr Mohan Man Sainju, former Chief Commissioner of National Information Commission and senior journalist Binaya Kumar Kasajoo, book researcher Ram Chandra Man Singh, Chairperson of Nhuja Guthi, publisher of the book, Sur Bahadur Shrestha, among others highlighted the importance of the publication to make publicity of Palpa Tansen. RSS