India needs 200-250 more Rafale fighters, 36 not enough: IAF chief Arup Raha

December 29, 2016

OUTGOING IAF chief Arup Raha on Wednesday said that while acquisition of 36 Rafale fighter jets was a good move, it was not enough. He said India needs about 200-250 more such fighters to maintain its combat edge over adversaries. Terming Rafale as an excellent aircraft, Raha, who is set to retire on December 31, said, “It is tremendously capable in all its role. It is a multi-role aircraft and can be used very effectively. It can prove its worth in any situation.”

“But we have just ordered 36 aircraft and we require more aircraft in this middle weight category to give entire spectrum of capability,” he said, adding that a void has been created in the past because of obsolescence and many of the squadrons will be past their use-by date. “We have already used them for four decades plus. It is time to retire them and get new aircraft… Over the next 10 years, we must have 200-250 aircraft. It has to be balanced out. In the heavy weight spectrum, we have enough. But in the medium weight category, we need to have more. Yes, about 200 will be very good,” he said.

The Air Chief Marshal also rued that the tender for the much-needed “force multiplier” mid air refuellers had to be withdrawn. He said a fresh tender is in the offing and the procurement will be sped up. Underlining that the teeth of any air force is the combat fleet, Raha said the country needs another production line besides the Tejas. He explained that the strength sanctioned by the government is 42 squadrons, “which was a numerical value”. He said what is needed “is also a capability mix”. Raha said India has enough heavy weight fighters — the Su30 MKI — which will last for another 30-40 years. He said the light weight spectrum would be served by the 123 Tejas light combat aircraft ordered by the IAF.

(Source : Indian Express)