Motivational program for Working Children

March 22, 2017

Bhaktapur 18 March 2017,

Berlin based Nepali and German artists organized ‘A Motivational Program’ for children working in brick kiln areas in Nalinchowk, Bhaktapur on Saturday, 18 March 2017. The program included film screening, photo exhibition and donation of masks, gloves, digital cameras and art materials. The aim of the project is to motivate people to continue education of children.

An ethnographic film CHHAARO, English title DUST that was made about children working in brick factory was screened. The film was made by Deepak Tolange in 2016 as a part of his MA thesis for Visual and Media Anthropology at FU Berlin. The film has been selected in several film festivals in Europe and Canada including RAI in Bristol.

Twenty four photos taken by four children, the protagonists of DUST were exhibited in the program. During research period, these children were provided with digital cameras and informed with basics of photography. The photographs reflect health, pollution and candid moments of people working in the brick factory. Finally, the program distributed 400 masks, 150 woolen gloves as an immediate support to the people. Twenty set of art materials were presented to the children and digital cameras to the protagonists of DUST.


Initiator and coordinator of the ‘motivational program’ Deepak Tolange created ‘a motivational program’ as a post-MA thesis for social responsibility. In Berlin, Deepak and Felix Henke, a Berlin based German photographer organized few photo exhibitions to fund the program. Deepak Tolange started ‘motivational program’ with 58 Euros from the profit of selling his photos. In total 518 Euros were collected. Among which AGORA Collective, a German based organization supported with 300 Euros.

Deepak Tolange said he wishes to organize motivational program on annual basis in many other brick factories in Nepal.

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