Muglan, mobile help desk for migrant Nepali workers

December 26, 2016

Muglan, a free counseling app for migrant Nepali workers, now available in Google Play Store. Muglan An android application, focusing on free counseling, assistance (Safe Migration, welfare and rescue of workers) with providing valuable information. “This is a mobile helpdesk, which allows migrant Nepali workers to resolve their problems and queries by providing assistance and help.” It’s founder Ram Giri, who is also a migrant, created an idea of Muglan to help his fellow Nepalis. “As we heard, the number of deaths is increasing and its very sad news.” Giri added “Muglan now focusing to deliver the push information on health issues. Government of Nepal must be serious concern on health issue of migrant Nepali workers. But Muglan, started to do help by using its own way.”

By providing information about foreign employment in different forms such as audio, video, and text, Muglan also providing news and informations about respective destination countries, migrants’ rights, labor laws, labor permit, Embassy services, helpline numbers of local & international organizations etc.
The main feature of this mobile app is that a facility to send text and audio message or complaint to an emergency situation. It is also collecting queries/complaints and providing assistance to workers through the helpful organizations and government agencies. This not only a helpful task for migrants (Foreign workers) but also for related organizations and government as well.
Founder Giri hopes that it would be a helpful task for migrant Nepali workers. Muglan is more useful to those Nepalis who are residing in Qatar, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain, Israel & South Korea as well.

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